Dr. Howard A. Kurtz PhD

Full Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice Southwestern Oklahoma State University

2130 Bonnycastle Lane Yukon Oklahoma 73099

Phone: 405-324-0245 Cell: 405-408-5325


Dr. Kurtz is a university professor and noted criminologist. He was once the youngest chair of a criminal justice department in the United States. He is one of the founders of the Oklahoma State Criminal Justice Research Consortium, a statewide research consortium that funded evaluation and research in criminal justice. The John F. Kennedy School at Harvard University chose this program for an award for Innovations in Government. Dr. Kurtz has been an invited speaker at the National Institute of Justice in Washington D.C.

He worked in the area of victim studies for many years and developed one of the country’s first university courses on Victimology. Results from his dissertation research on crime victims were published in the International Journal of Victimology. He was invited to make a presentation at the second World Congress on Victimology sponsored by the United Nations and the International Association of Victimology in Onati Spain.

His dissertation research was published as a book on the effects of violence titled “The Beaten Victim” and in the journal of Victimology. He is regularly called upon buy the Justice Department, The Office of Justice Programs, the Office of Homeland Security and the National Institute of Justice to consult on evaluation projects and to serve as an expert evaluator for federal grants.

He has developed graduate and undergraduate course materials on crime for national and international learning companies that are used by countless colleges here and abroad.  He also does consulting work for The American Council on Education, The National Social Sciences Association, The National Science Foundation, The US Department of Education, and numerous government agencies. Dr. Kurtz was selected as one of the “Outstanding People of the 20th Century,” by IBC, Cambridge, England, 

Dr. Kurtz has been actively involved in research and scholarly activity throughout his career. He has received funding from the State of Oklahoma to study Electronic Monitoring, Criminal Justice Flow-Charting, Prison Escapes and Victims services.

He has taught sociology and criminal justice for more than thirty years for five universities. He received his doctorate from The University of North Texas and completed two Post-Doctoral studies at Rice University. He achieved the rank of full professor at OCU and was a department chair for twenty years. 


Dr. Kurtz profiles the causes of crime using a formal criminological approach . His experience with interviews makes him a natural for news and shows on crime and social issues. Below is a list of interviews and appearances on a very wide range of topics. 

  • • Domestic abuse and the district attorney. Fox 25 January 27th 2020
  • “Teen Killing Spree in Canada” The Toronto StarJuly 24th 2019
  • “Profiling Teen Killers”Television Vancouver CITY NEWS 1130 Vancouver Canada July 25th.
  • Truth in Testimony – High Stakes Lying Reasonable Doubts Television ShowDiscover July 12, 2019
  • “Campus Shootings Profiling the Classroom” ABC NEWS Lawton Oklahoma April 17 2019
  • “Professor Discusses Active Shooting Factors, Solutions” Lawton Constitution April 18 2019
  • “Police Pursuits” Fox TV June 24th,2019
  • “Three Bodies in the Lake” FOX TV KOKH February 21 2019
  • “Hate Crimes on College Campuses” FOX TV January 23 2019
  • “Social media threats against Schools “ Fox TV September 6 2018
  • “Sexual Assaults on University Campuses” Fox TV KOKH August 24 2018
  • Cohost Talk Show on white collar criminals and rehabilitation with former FBI agent in charge Mike Tabman Crimes and Times (rebroadcast) July 2018
  • “Lake Hefner shooting” television interview Channel 5 June 2018
  • Cohost Talk Show on white collar criminals and rehabilitation with former FBI agent in charge Mike Tabman Crimes and Times Feb 5th 2018
  • Interview on “Why are so few police officers convicted in police shootings. TV Fox News December 6th2017
  • Interview on the Terrorist attack on the Bike Path New York City. OCTOBER 31 Fox News 2017
  • “OU Student accused of threatening violence at campus bar”. Fox News Tuesday, October 3rd. 2017
  • Las Vegas Massacre Warning Signs T-30 Telemundo Channel 30 Oklahoma CityWednesday October 4th. 2017
  • “Las Vegas Shooting “Local criminologist weighs in on shooting in Las Vegas Fox News Monday, October 2nd 2017
  • “Interview on Charlottesville massacre” interview with former FBI agent in charge Mike Tabman Crimes and Times August 24 2017
  • OKC Terrorist plot foiled by FBI TV Interview FOX 25 August 14 2017
  • Homicide Clearance rates Interview Dailey Oklahoman 2017 July 28th
  • Interview on Juvenile culture and drowning death case interview with former FBI agent Mike Tabman Crimes and Times August 10th. 2017
  • “Suicide by Cop”, the Deveonte Johnson case. Front Page ,The Dailey Oklahoman Newspaper July 20 2017
  • “Police Officers and Domestic Abuse. Channel 9 news July 1 2017
  • Interview on recent crime rates in the Grand Cayman Islands British West The Cayman Reporter Newspaper June 21 2017
  • The Manchester England bombing . Fox Televison25. June 2017
  • Parricide Murder Cases in Florida News 25 Tampa Florida March 21 2017
  • Early Year Homicide Rates . News 9 Oklahoma City Jan 2017
  • Oklahoma progress on criminal justice reform. Journal Record September Issue 2016
  • Dallas Police Shootings, Fox Television July 10th2016
  • Terrorist Attacks in San Bernardino Telamudo Television OKC December 3 2015
  • Television Consultation and Interview.Hatfield Abduction case Channel 9 Oklahoma City Oct 15 2015
  • DNA and cold case files Oct 13 2015 Channel 9 OKC
  • “When children kill their parents “ Daily Oklahoman August 31st.  2015
  • “Work Place Violence . The shooting of TV reporters” Fox 25 August 26th2015
  • Criminological Theories and research explaining why children kill parents” News 9 OKC August 27th. 2015
  • “Why children kill Parents “ Telamundo Spanish Speaking Television August 26th. 2015
  • “When children kill their parents” Fox TV OKC July 24th 2015
  • "School expulsions in the Oklahoma City public schools, race and juvenile assault rates . “April 1st. 2015 OETA
  • “The Pitfalls of Guns on College Campuses “. OETA Oklahoma Educational Television with Bob Sands October 2014
  • “Destructive cults and terrorism”, Channel 9 Oklahoma City September 30th
  • Moore Murder ISIS links or copycat killing Fox News September 28th2014
  • Interpreting quality of life data “Most Dangerous Cities” . Channel 9 News September 11 2014
  • High Homicide rates of women in Oklahoma Telamundo Television September 10th 2014
  • Homicide rate reductions in Oklahoma City for 2014 . Telamundo Television August 14th. 2014
  • Botched Oklahoma Execution. Fox News July 2014
  • Over Sharing and Social Media Fox News Special Report March 2014
  • Handling of a Human Trafficking Case and Police firings. Channel 9 News February 2014.
  • Serial Bank robbery Channel 9 News January 2014
  • The early release of sex offenders in Oklahoma Fox News October 2013
  • The Chris Lane Murder and Gang Behavior Fox News September 2013
  • Juvenile gangs and rap music Channel 9 August 29 2013
  • Shooting in Duncan Oklahoma Fox Television August 212013
  • The Following and Serial Killers (series of interviews) Fox Television 25 July 2013
  • Crime Victimization and the Chicago Kidnapping Fox 25 May 2013
  • Police Shooting Suspect's truck riddled with bullets in SE OKC Channel 5 KOCO Apr 11, 2013
  • Oklahoma Murders of Prostitutes from Bunny Ranch. Village Voice June 2013
  • Sociological Explanations for Oklahoma City 2012 Homicide Rates News 5 Oklahoma City January 2nd, 2013
  • Sociological Explanations for Oklahoma City 2012 Homicide Rates ,Fox News January 1, 2013
  • Record homicide rates for 2012 in Oklahoma City and the nation. News 9 Oklahoma City December 23 2012
  • Newton Connecticut School Shootings Fox December 14th 2012
  • Sandy Hook Shootings and shooter profiles and parenting Fox 25 December 22 2012
  • Gender , teenage violence and the Justice System,14 year old female murder case Fox 25 TV September 25 2012
  • The need for juvenile services. Re-arrest of the shooter in the Ersland Case Fox TV 25 September 20 2012
  • Homicide increases in Oklahoma Telamondo TV September 17th 2012
  • What is behind homicide increases .KOKH FOX 25 September 17th 2012
  • Search Warrant and Saunders Case and video August 2012 News 9
  • Arsonist Motivations August 7 2012 Fox 25
  • Death of Parole Officer May 19th 2012 Fox 25
  • Saunders Murder Case Channel 9 July 14 2012
  • Nichols Hills Stalkers Fox TV June 12th2012
  • Probation Officer shooting )dangerous job) Channel 9 OKC may 19 2012
  • Crime scene investigation errors in the murder case of the Nichols Hills Fire Chief Channel 9 OKC April 6th, 2012
  • The High cost of College FOX TV March 31
  • Military Deployments and Stress Fox 25 OKC March 22
  • Homicide rates and seasons of the year Telamundo March 15
  • Unexpected rise in Homicide rates in Oklahoma City in first quarter of 2012, March 12 Channel 9
  • Double Homicide, mother, daughter father commits suicide in Las Vegas March 1, 2012 Channel 5 Oklahoma City.
  • Craig’s list prostitute, Interview on stabbing death of pregnant mother channel 9 Feb 13, 2012
  • Interview on stabbing death of pregnant Craig’s list prostitute Channel 5 Feb 13, 2012
  • Interview on teachers and sexual abuse Feb 2, 2012 Fox TV
  • Gangs in Oklahoma reply to National Study Telamundo TV Feb 1, 2012
  • Interview on The Castle Law and the Ersland Effect, Fox TV Jan 31, 2012
  • Can Police arrest you for posting a crime on the internet? Man duct Tapes child and posts on internet News 5 OKC December 21, 2011
  • Weleetka Murders and Thrill Killing News 5 December 12th
  • Paroled Killer and Interstate compact News 9 November 27, 2011
  • The Oklahoma city Teen Girl Murders Fox News November 16, 2011
  • The Oklahoma city Teen Girl Murders News 9 November 15, 2011
  • Occupy Oklahoma Controversy and Social Movements Fox 25 October 30, 2011
  • The Bethany Murder dismembered body in a bag, drug related crimes. Channel 5 OKC October 27, 2011
  • The crime rates in Oklahoma and the culture of violence Telamundo October 26, 2011
  • The Program Committee for the 2012 ASA Annual Meeting invited me to develop and present a Teaching Workshop titled Teaching Sociology through Utopias. August 17, 2012 in Denver, Colorado,
  • OCY Corrections Association Key Note Address Norman Ok 2011
  • Clown Posse and Local Murder Channel 9 October 19, 2011
  • Social Media and Apps ...are they making us less competent Channel 9  October 10, 2011
  • Demographics and Birth Rate Declines in the US and The Economic Downturn, Fox News, Oct 12, 2011
  • Polygraph exams ... do they work FOX TV 25 October 5, 2011
  • Home invasions in Oklahoma City Channel 9 OKC September 28, 2011
  • Arrest in Fire chief...murder Channel 5 KOCO September 26, 2011
  • Fire chief...murder Channel 5 KOCO September 22, 2011
  • Fox Facebook Problems and Social Change Sept 19, 2011
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Unemployed Teens Fox TV September 3, 2011
  • Machete killing by Teenager Telamundo September 3, 2011
  • Frustrated With Video Game, Teen Kills Baby Sister Telamundo August 29, 2011
  • Oklahoma Marriage Rates Fox 25 / KOKH-TV  August 26, 2011
  • Frustrated With Video Game, Teen Kills Baby Sister - Oklahoma City News Story - KOCO Oklahoma City
  • Police officer charged with abusing foster children Telamundo August 22, 2011
  • Oklahoma city Sentinel Heat and Violence August 10, 2011
  • Heat and Crime Telamundo August 2, 2011
  • Prostitution and violent crime, Comment on a new study Fox TV August 1, 2011
  • Crime and weather KTOK Radio July  29, 2011
  • Weather and crime rates Daily Oklahoman July 28, 2011
  • The Heat Hypothesis, Heat and crime, News 9 July 27, 2011
  • Casey Anthony Look Alike attacked in Tulsa Channel 9 July1, 2011
  • Sexual Predators and pandering Fox TV June 26, 2011
  • The demographic transition. More minorities in USA June 20, 2011
  • The Ersland pharmacy shooting case and victim memory Channel 5 June19, 2011
  • Sex and the city, FOX TV June 6, 2011
  • Sociology of healthcare and young insurance-less people Telamundo May 22, 2011
  • OETA OKC Bombing, appearance live April 19, 2011
  • Women in education , a response to Sally Kern Telamundo May 2011
  • Domestic terrorism and the Oklahoma Bombing OETA OKC April 19, 2011
  • Fox Interview on The Insanity Defense and Capital Punishment April 13, 2011
  • Interview on Homicide and Super Predators April 2011 Channel 5
  • Fox Interview on murder and youth culture March 25,  2011
  • Two Channel 5 Interviews on Super Predators March  2011
  • Contributed to an article on Mug shots in the Daily OklahomanFebruary 2011
  • Dangers of Social Networks Fox 25 Television OK January 12, 2011
  • Arizona Shooting the Sentinel OKC Newspaperinterview January 12, 2011
  • Arizona Shooting Telamundo TV January 12, 2011
  • TSA and airport scanners and Constitutional rights, Telamundo TVNovember 19, 2010
  • Animal Death Sentence Fox 25 November 15, 2010
  • Serial Kidnapping Channel 5 Hearst TV November 12, 2010
  • Inside the mind of a serial abductor Fox News 25 November 4, 2010
  • The use of negative campaign ads in political races OETA November 1, 2010
  • Internet crime – Facebook and social networking Telemundo Television October 2010
  • Ersland Case Charges KSBI TV July 31, 2010
  • Prison Gangs inside and outside of prison Channel 5 Hearst TV April 27, 2010
  • The control of Militia and State laws KSBI TV April 21, 2010
  • The Oklahoma City Bombing and Militia Groups Telamundo TV April 21, 2010
  • The Oklahoma city Bombing The Journal RecordOklahoma City April 20, 2010
  • Graphic Chats and Sex Crimes Fox TV March 27, 2010
  • Militia Groups and the Oklahoma City Bombing OETA March 2010
  • New Evidence in the Ersland Case Fox TV March 10, 2010
  • The trial of the Terrorists in New York City CNBC Hannity February 3, 2010
  • Singlehood, Oklahoma Gazette Oklahoma City February 14, 2010
  • Oklahoma Magazine Police Culture and Stress December 2009
  • KSBI OKC Dr. Wolf Murder Case November 30, 2009
  • FOX TV Intimate Violence and the holidays November 23, 2009
  • Fox TV Dr. Wolf Murder Case November 19, 2009
  • Fort Hood Shootings Channel 9 November 2009
  • Fort Hood Shootings Channel 5 November 2009
  • Fox TV Fort Hood Shootings November 2009
  • Fox TV “Interview about the FBI Conference on Cyber Crime” October 2009
  • “Crush Videos” Channel 9 October 3 2009 
  • “Child Abuse Case dealing with 14 year old boy kept in closet for 4 years” Channel 9 TV September 2009
  • “Terrorist threat and MIPT arrestee” Channel 9 September 2009
  • KSBI TV “Civility in modern society” September 2009
  • Anadarko murder Case, Channel 9 September 2009
  • Anadarko murder Case...Interpreting autopsy, Fox TelevisionSeptember 2009
  • Anadarko murder Case... “Interpreting autopsy report” Channel 5 September 2009
  • “Anadarko murder Case” Fox. 25  September 2009
  • Washington Times“Parole and sex offenders tracking , the abduction case” September 2009
  • “Oklahoma City Pharmacy Shooting”  Telamudo television  August 2009
  • “Shooting at the Holocaust Memorial in DC" Channel 5 OKC ABC  August 2009
  • “Shooting at the Holocaust Memorial in DC” Channel 9 OKC CBS  June 2009
  • “Shooting at the Holocaust Memorial in DC” Channel 12 Fox OKC  June 2009
  • Unsolved murders in Weleetka Oklahoma, UKSBI 25 Oklahoma City, June 2009
  • Interview on White Collar Crime “Catch me if you can” Fox Television, April 2009
  • “Interview on the Serial Bank Robber” News 9,  2009
  • Hate Crime, Investigative reports Fox TV, 2006
  • Jon Benet, Channel 5, Fox 2006
  • London Bombings, OETA, 2004
  • OETA Educational Television, Blue ribbon panel along with members of the CIA and FBI to discuss the new National Intelligence Bill. November 2004
  • COX Cable television Oklahoma City, show about the musical career of Dr. Kurtz, October 2004
  • Press interview with the Daily Oklahomanand television interviews with channels 9, 5, 4 and Fox news concerning the visit of Top ranking Taiwan Police Officials to The terrorist Institute, September 2004.
  • ABC Affiliate Channel 7 Lawton Oklahoma, Weekend Spotlight show, Current issues in Criminal Justice, November 2003
  • Michael Jackson; Loud MagazineInterview following the Michael Jackson Special February 2003
  • OCU TV Interview on Sociology of Rock Music Class January 2002
  • Riots and Police Response at International Sporting Events UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL, June, 2000
  • Random Crime, “Juvenile Killings in a Suburban Neighborhood" Paul Pioneer Press
  • Disconnection in American Society Fort worth Star Telegram, June 2000
  • Who is being released, Comment on the Nevada Parole System Nevada Sun, June 2000
  • College Internships “Careers in Law Enforcement” Career Focus Magazine, June 2000
  • DUI Rates “Comparisons between Germany and the United States” The Wall Street Journal May, 2000
  • DNA Profiling for Children the Morning News, Atlanta Georgia, May 2000
  • Political Use of Crime Data, Washington Magazine, May 2000
  • Police Training Controversy, Las Vegas News, April 2000
  • Crime and Community Activism Charlotte Observer, North Carolina, April 2000
  • Rap Music and Cultural Changes in Language “Lyrics as National Slang”
  • Sacramento Bee, California, Look Back at Altamont, December 1999
  • Associated Press interview with A.P. Writer William Shiffmann , December 1999
  • Police Misconduct at the Glitter Dome Channel 9, November 1999
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  • The Woodstock Riots Interview with PR Tactics Magazine, 1999
  • Violence in America Radio interview, Oklahoma City, KTOK, 1999
  • Urbanization, Alienation, The Abandonment of the Elderly Radio interview, Oklahoma City, KTOK, 1999
  • Children in Sports: Is there too much stress? Television Interview, Trinity Broadcasting Network, TBN broadcast to over 70 countries, Oklahoma City, 1998
  • Prison Escapes Television Interview, Trinity Broadcasting Network, TBN broadcast to over 70 countries, Oklahoma City, 1997
  • Violence in America Radio interview, Oklahoma City, KTOK, 1997
  • Violent Youth Thrill Killers Television Interview, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Oklahoma City, 1997
  • What does the data mean? Comments on what the Uniform Crime Report actually means. Daily OklahomanNewspaper, 1997
  • Terrorism and TWA Flight 800 Television Interview Channel 9, Oklahoma City, 1996
  • Violence in America Radio Interview, KTOK, Oklahoma City, 1996
  • Serial Killers Front-page interview, Daily Oklahoman, 1996
  • Victims of Crime Taped series for Oklahoma State Department of Corrections, 1994
  • Gangs and Youth Violence Interview with Daily OklahomanNewspaper, 1996
  • Police Use of Force Radio Interview, KTOK Headliners, Oklahoma City, 1981
  • Jury Selection Radio Interview, KTOK Headliners, Oklahoma City, 1981
  • Comment on: Bill before the Oklahoma Legislature on Castration of Male Sex Offenders. TV Channel 4, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Spring, 1981                  
  • Comment on: White Collar Crime. TV Channel 9, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Fall, 1981
  • Article on Modern Culture in the Nineties Section on the American Family, Daily Oklahoman, May 1990


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  • "Association of Masculinity with Five Measures of Adjustment." Mid-South Sociological Association, November 1980.
  • "Two Years in a Small County Jail." Southwestern Sociological Association, March 28 31, 1979, Fort Worth, Texas.
  • "Corporate Criminals, Pros or Cons?" Southwestern Sociological Association, March 28 31, 1979. Fort Worth, Texas.
  • "Denton County Jail Project." Southwestern Conference in Public Justice, March 14 17, 1977, Arlington, Texas. University of Texas at Arlington.


  •  American Council on Education curriculum reviewer March 2018
  • Served on an outside Tenure Review Board for the Department of Social Sciences Center for Social Sciences Research University of Texas at Tyler Fall 2017
  • American Council on Education-I served as a university outside curriculum reviewer in sociology for the American Council on Education Center for Education Attainment and Innovation Washington D.C. January 2016
  • National Office of Justice Programs, Peer Reviewer national state level research grants . June 2015 ( invited to review in 2016)
  • Oklahoma Journal of Undergraduate Research (OKJUR)  reviewer 2014-15
  • Journal Reviewer for the National Social Sciences Association (two reviews in 204) 2014-
  • “Victimology” review for Sage Publications 2011
  • “Crime Victims,” 2011 reviews for Sage Publications 2011
  • Textbook review : Cengage Intro Sociology Text review “Sociology The Essentials” by Anderson and Taylor, July 2010
  • Two Book Reviews for Sage Publications on issues in Victimology and Crime Victims,
  • Sociology Text Book reviews for Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2007.
  • Book Review “Criminal Justice” Prentice Hall, Fall 2000.
  • Book Review, “Introduction to Criminal Justice,” Prentice Hall, July 2000.
  • Book review, “Behavioral School Psychology and Computer Interactive Functional Assessment:Episodes in the Evolution of Learning,” Kluwer Academic Publishing, 2000.
  • "World Bank and Discovery." Journal of Social Science Software Reviews, 1996.
  • "Global Recall." Journal of Social Science Software Reviews, 1991.
  • “The Economics of Prostitution,” Book review,Journal of Criminal Justice, 1986.
  • Interdisciplinary Session on Victims and Crime, Southwest Social Science meeting, 1983.

Scholarly Associations and Memberships

  • National Social Science Association
  • Southwest Association of Criminal Justice
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • American Sociological Association (I served on the national state licensing committee for many years)
  • Criminal Justice Research Consortium, Chair/Executive Board / Chair of Research Review
  • Oklahoma Sociological Association
  • Southwestern Sociological Association (Past Chair of the Resolutions Committee)
  • Mid-South Sociological Association
  • International Chiefs of Police Association
  • Associate Member of Fraternal Order of Police
  • Oklahoma Criminal Justice Educators Association
  • President 1986 1987 OCU Chapter of American Association of University Professors
  • State Secretary of the AAUP for Oklahoma 2012
  • Fraternal Order of Police, Honorary Member Lawton Chapter
  • International Association of Chiefs of Police, 1991 present
  • B.I. Infragard 2008-


Post-Doctoral Rice University. Melon Foundation, post-doctoral studies

1."Intergovernmental Policymaking”

  1. “Crime and Punishment.
  • D.University of North Texas

Social Organization and Disorganization, Dept. of Sociology and Anthropology, 1981. DissertationThe Effects of Victimization on Attitudes towards Physical Aggression and Child Rearing. A National Study using the General Social Survey ICPSR. (Crime Victims, Parenting)

  • Masters of Science in SociologyNorth Texas State University

Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Masters Thesis Masculinity and Juvenile Crime, A Study of Disciplines and Masculinity Scores (Application of the California Psychological Inventory Fe Scale) at the Gainesville State School for Delinquent Youth (Sex Roles, Child rearing and Deviance.)


  • Bachelor of Science in PsychologyNorth Texas State University

Undergraduate Major Psychology, Preclinical Program, with an emphasis on Behavior Modification Techniques (studied under the late Donald Whaley, one of the nation’s leading behaviorists). Worked with autistic children for three years in The Center for Behavioral Studies.

  • Business College, Management, Robert Morris Business College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1965 1966).
  • Central Catholic High College preparatory schoolfor boys Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 1965. The U.S. Department of Education has recognized Central Catholic as one of the nation's "outstanding secondary schools."


  • OCU Teaching Award for Excellence, named a “Fellow” of the CETL Teaching Academy, 2011
  • Priddy Award for Teaching Excellence ... Oklahoma City University, 2006
  • Recipient of an achievement award from the Oklahoma Sociological Association for years of service in teaching sociology, 2005.
  • Selected one of the "Outstanding People of the 20th Century," by IBC, Cambridge, England, 1999.
  • President of Texas Federation of Ph.D.'s Alumni Association, 1992-93.
  • Central Police College, Republic of China Award for furthering international exchange and outstanding contributions to the field of police science: Presented by President Yen, January 1988.
  • Who's Who in Intellectuals, 1987.
  • Who's Who in Law and Social Control, 1986.
  • Who's Who in Technology Today, 1984.
  • Who's Who in the Southwest, 1984.
  • Olson Award and Honorarium for Best Faculty Research, Oklahoma City University, 1983.
  • Rice University, Mellon Foundation, Summer Faculty Fellowship and Honorarium, the History of Crime and Punishment, 1982.
  • Rice University, Mellon Foundation, Summer Faculty Fellowship and Honorarium, Intergovernmental Policy Making, 1981.
  • Scholastic All American, 1981
  • Vice President of Alpha Kappa Delta, National Sociology Honor Society.
  • Alpha Chi, National Honor Society.
  • Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society.
  • Who's Who at North Texas State University, 1977 -78, 1978 -79.
  • Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, 1977 -78, 1978 -79.
  • Youth in Achievement International Award, 1979.
  • Faculty Travel Grants, Oklahoma City University, awarded 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.


Southwestern Oklahoma State University Associate Professor of  Sociology and Criminal Justice  2013-present

University of Maryland Criminology Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice 2005-2013

University of Maryland Cyber Security Adjunct Professor of Cyber Security 2010-2013

Rose State Adjunct Professor of Sociology 2012-2013

Southern New Hampshire University Adjunct Professor of Sociology 2012-2013

Oklahoma City University Full Professor of Sociology and Justice Studies 1979-2012

South University Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice 2004-2011

University of Oklahoma Adjunct Professor of Sociology 1996

University of North Texas Teaching Fellow 1976-1979

 Teaching Areas

White Collar Crime, Social Research Methods, Computer Crime, Statistics, International Systems of Justice, Introductory Sociology, Social Problems, Social Control, Deviance, American Family, Probation and Parole, Criminology, Criminal Justice Systems, Sociology of Police, Behavioral Change, Juvenile Delinquency, Consumer Behavior, Practicum, Law and Society, Victimology, Sociology of Rock Music, Sports in America. Evaluation Research, Cyber Security, Substance Abuse and Families, Criminal Psychology, Ethics and Justice, Criminal Research, Myth-making and Criminal Justice. Social service internships, The Criminal Mind, Race and Culture and the Criminal Justice System, Criminal Justice Internships.


Curriculum reviewer for criminal justice courses “Victimology”2018

American Council on Education Washington, DC March 2018

State Regents “Course Equivalencies Representative” Criminal Justice and Sociology 2015-16-17

State Regents Distance Learning Committee. 2015-16

Chaired a panelon INTERNATIONAL POLICING AND CORRECTIONS at the Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice meetings in South Padre Texas October 2015

Promotion and Tenure Committee SWOSU 2017-18

Outside Promotion and Tenure Reviewer University of Texas System 2017

Co-wrote a book proposalfor a book on capital punishment 2015 

Southwest Criminal Justice Association: Working as a co-coordinator to facilitate the visit of the SWJA to Oklahoma City. October 2015

Oklahoma Regents conference of Undergraduate Research, Oklahoma City September 26th. 2014

I served on the Regents Course Equivalency Committee for the state sociology section. 2013

I have agreed to coordinate the 2015 Southwest Criminal Justice association annual meeting and SWOSU and the department will sponsor this event when it comes to Oklahoma

I served as a SWOSU HISTORY DAY Performance judge 2014-2018

I developed an assessment tool for our general education courses in sociology that should help us collect and analyze assessment data of our general education course.

Office of Justice Programs Washington D.C. Grant Reviewer 2012 Juvenile Section. FY12 NIJ Building and Enhancing Criminal Justice Researcher-Practitioner Partnerships

Arrangedbriefing on human trafficking with the FBI and OSBI for Baroness Nicholson from the British House of Lords, Spring 2011

Served as a reviewer for the National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice Technical Assistance and Support Program. Consulted on a project on the structural and cultural dynamics of Neighborhood Violence, October 2010

Office of Justice Programs Washington D.C. Grant Reviewer 2010

OJJDP FY 2010Youth Gang Prevention and InterventionProgram , July 2010

FY 2010 Second Chance Act Mentoring Grants to Nonprofit OrganizationsPrison Release Programs, June 2010

Intellectual Content Expert on Crime: New Century Learning wrote and developed intellectual content on Victimology.

FBI Conference on Violence and Terrorism 2008: I developed a statewide conference on terrorism and violent crime in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The conference was co-sponsored by my department, Infragard and the FBI.

White Collar Crime Summit “Catch me if you Can” April 2009: This conference was attended by 850 participants from campus, the Oklahoma Bankers Association, the Internal Auditors of Oklahoma, and FBI and law enforcement officials. The keynote speaker “Frank Abegnale” waived his speaker’s fee and presented a two-hour keynote address. The university and the department received a great deal of positive free publicity and notoriety from this event.

Cyber Security October 2009:Organized and hosted FBI conference attended by 85 specialists, professionals and students and Infragard an organization that coordinates infrastructure in the United States to assist the federal government in the identification and management of security threats. 2008-09

Consulting NIIT intellectual content expert,2009

Extra Time: I also played over thirty professional engagements as a musician performing for corporate groups, community groups and in support of other professional artists.

Sociology you can use Pod Cast series: I have developed a series of podcasts for use with my sociology courses. The series is currently under consideration by McGraw Hill as a possible course supplement for their texts. They have also asked me to consider authoring a new sociology text by the same name.

NIIT New Deli India 2006-2010 :Lectures and course development for hire projects I have worked on include;

Graduate Ethics and Criminal Justice.

Graduate studies in International Terrorism

Graduate studies in Justice Management

Graduate Criminal Justice Studies

Southwest Criminal Justice Association: Working as a co-coordinator to facilitate the visit of the SWJA to Oklahoma City. Arranged and accompanied site visit and acting as a bridge between the association and the Terrorist Institute. I am also coordinating OCU student involvement.

S. Military Fort Sill Off-Campus Program: In 2003 I established an accelerated masters program at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, for military personal. This resulted in a seven-year exclusivity memorandum of understanding between the university and the United States Army.  I teach one night per week on post and direct that program. The Fort Sill program also includes officers from Lawton P.D. and the Department of Corrections.

International Systems of Justice: Developed a program in International systems of Justice that involves taking students abroad to study. For the past 15 years, I have conducted overseas study trips. I teach in Great Britain, Germany and Taiwan R.O.C.  These courses include cross-cultural studies based upon field visits to courts, police agencies and prisons. I have also sub-contracted with two state schools in Texas and Oklahoma to offer sections of this course.

Oklahoma Department of Corrections Research Consortium:State Chair/ Executive Board/Chair of Research Review. I am one of the founding members of the Department of Corrections Criminal Justice Research Consortium. I sat on the executive board and established and initially chaired the grant review board. I then served as Chair of the consortium. The consortium had an annual budget of $120,000. I also served on the editorial board and reviewed papers for the journal. The consortium was nominated for an award from the John F. Kennedy School for Government at Harvard University and was awarded National Semi-finalist as an Innovation in Government.

Asian Program Development: I directed the establishment of three, five-year agreements with the Taiwan Govt. Republic of China and their National Police administration (N.P.A.) to provide masters level degree work. These programs have resulted in a great deal of international exchange of culture and intelligence and represent substantial monetary gains for the university. I also organized an international conference on Sino American police information exchange.

I was awarded a substantial travel grant by Asian alumni, so that I might visit the Orient and observe oriental culture first hand. During my stay, I was invited to present a paper at the Central Police College of The Republic Of China. I have been given many tours of police and prison operations by the Central Police Administration and I am received with honors. I have been instrumental in establishing relationships between American Law enforcement agencies and the N.P.A. of Taiwan and I have received awards for this work. I have established a course in comparative criminal justice that allows students to visit the N.P.A. and study its workings.

General Motors established an on-site Criminal Justice Master’s program for General Motors Executive Security Personnel in 1992.

S. Marshals Service: .I established a Federal Internship Program in 2000. I serve as University Coordinator and Recruiter for the Marshal Service. I attended training as guest of the United States Marshal Service, Miami Florida, September 2000.

Internship Coordinator Establish and monitor applied graduate and undergraduate internships with local, state and federal agencies and the private sector.

Research Consultant:National Institute of Justice, Homeland Security, US Department of Education -Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, American Council on Education, The National Science Foundation, The Justice Department, Office of Justice Programs ,Corporations and Government Agencies.


Southwestern Oklahoma State University


  1. Serve on the Promotion and Tenure Committee 2018-19
  2. Serve on the University Textbook Committee –sub group Academic Freedom and Intellectual property.
  3. Chaired departmental search committee 2018
  4. Completed the department’s 5-year assessment review and report. Developed new measurement protocols / collected and analyzed data.
  5. I teach 12 hours per semester. I teach two GE course each term and two Criminal Justice Courses. I also teach Introduction to criminal justice online during the summer. I also offer the internship experience as part of my regular rotation.
  6. I developed two new independent study courses for students in need of credits to graduate. Social Deviance and Race and Culture in Summer 2015
  7. I attended the Quality Matters Workshop
  8. I completed the SWOSU Online Teaching Certification
  9. I secured Online certification for my Introduction to Criminal Justice Course
  10. I sponsored students for the 2016 SWOSU Research and Scholarly Activity Fair.
  11. I taught a section of “New Student Orientation”.for three year
  12. I moved all of my courses to the Canvas site and integrated many of the tools available such as embedded YouTube videos and online discussions.
  13. I developed and taught an online general education course in Sociology using Canvas for summer 2014.
  14. I developed and taught a new course ”The Criminal Mind”. Fall 2015
  15. I developed and taught Introduction to Criminal Justice Online in summer 2015.
  16. I developed and taught a course on Racial and Cultural Minorities online in summer of 2015.
  17. I mentored internship students in Spring and Summer 2015.
  18. I published a textbook for use in my GE Introduction to Sociology Courses. This book takes a new approach to sociology and involves adding a writing component. It also reduces student costs by one half over the text that had been in use.
  19. I began the integration of my “ Introduction to Sociology through Utopian thought “ course materials into my introductory sociology courses by adding it to my summer section and to my fall classes in 2015. I wrote all new lectures for this class.
  20. I added a transformative writing componentto my General Education Class. I made a national presentation about teaching sociology through utopian thought at the annual meeting of The American Sociological Association in 2012.
  21. I developed and published a POD-Cast series on Sociology you can use for my GE course.
  22. I developed a class survey for implementation this summer that will be used to develop a better course. This data may assist me in extending my research into “why online learning fails and why it works “. This is a continuation of the work I presented at the “Heartland Conference on Online Learning”
  23. I developed a research day model with poster presentation requirements in most of my courses.
  24. I arranged conference participation for SWOSU students and faculty at the Southwest Association of Criminal Justice Meetings October 13-16 Oklahoma City.
  25. I served on the State Regents Distance Learning Committee.
  26. I serve on the State Regents “Course Equivalencies for Criminal Justice
  27. I serve on the Regents Course Equivalency Committee for the state sociology section.
  28. Attended the Oklahoma Regents conference on Undergraduate Research, Oklahoma City September 26th. 2014
  29. I have served as a History Day judge since 2014.
  30. I have manned the both at preview day for the Social Science Department
  31. I developed a departmental assessment tool for our general education courses in sociology that should help us collect and analyze assessment data of our general education course.
  32. I teach a section of Freshmen orientation
  33. I have been a member of the CETEL distance learning committee for three years
  34. I have been charged with developing a committee and recommendations for online teaching honors.
  35. I attended the Quality Matters Workshop
  36. I made an executive presentation to the Department of Corrections Upper Management on Corrections in Oklahoma and Management September 11th2013
  37. I have agreed to coordinate the 2015 Southwest Criminal Justice association annual meeting in Oklahoma City. The department will sponsor this event when it comes. I have worked with their executive board since 2013 to bring this event to Oklahoma.
  38. SWOSU State Fair booth 2013-2014-2019
  39. SWOSU University Marshal graduation 2014-2016
  40. Faculty Advisor to the SWOSU Criminal Justice Club 2014-

Prior Service

  • For twenty years I performed all duties associated with directing programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels, including: budget decisions, supervising secretarial staff, coordinating research assistants, hiring and supervising full time faculty and adjunct professors. In addition to my duties overseeing undergraduate programs in Sociology and Criminal Justice, I served as Academic Dean for the Masters of Criminal Justice program. I had responsibility for admissions to the program and final graduation certification.
  • I expanded the Masters curriculum to include courses in Criminal Research, Computers in the Social Sciences and Security Management. I organized and directed numerous seminars on diverse topics including: police survival, corporate security, and petroleum theft. I also was the departmental coordinator for the Competency Based Degree Program. I was responsible for acquiring cash gifts to increase our department's computer facilities and set up a computer system for our office. I am requested by journals to review other's work, including evaluation of new software in the social sciences.
  • I serve or have served on the following University Committees: Thesis Committees, Graduate Council, Curriculum Development, Graduate Admissions Committee, Blue Key Selection Committee, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Committee, Religious Life Committee, North Central Evaluation Committee, and Faculty Sponsor for K.A. Fraternity, O.C.U. Athletic Committee, Library Committee, University Marshal, and Hiring Boards.


Denton County Community Services

Project Coordinator for the Denton County Jail Project. 1976 -1978.  Worked on federal grants through the office of the mayor and N.T.S.U. community services. Developed a model program for the Governor's office.

Probation and Parole Officer

Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 1974-1975. I had a caseload of 90 - 150 defendants and worked in the city's most troubled areas. I completed probation officer training at Penn State University and worked with a team set up to do psychological evaluations and consultations on drug abuse. I also worked closely with a local halfway house for young adults.


  • NIIT intellectual content expert.
  • Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools
  • Homeland Security
  • Louisiana State University System... Outside program evaluation and curriculum review,
  • Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools ........Grant reviewer Department of education.
  • American Council on Education Curriculum Reviews, Texas A&M Curriculum review Weapons of Mass Destruction courses.
  • National Institute of Justice, Grant Reviews and Evaluation Research.
  • The Terrorist Institute...... Grant Reviews and Evaluation... The American Terrorism Study
  • Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police in the construction of measurement devices to monitor police morale.
  • Lawton FOP in the construction of measurement devices to monitor police management issues.
  • Board of Trustees for State Colleges and Universities, State of Louisiana evaluation for new master's degree program.
  • National Science Foundation Grant reviewer.
  • Director of Research Committee, Oklahoma Department of Corrections review and evaluate grants and make funding decisions.
  • Scientific Social Research Inc., Norman, Oklahoma


I have taught computer applications in the social sciences and seminars on computer crime. I am familiar with SPSS, SCSS, OSIRIS and a number of stat packages for personal computers. I am an expert on the PC and Macintosh computers. I was successful in obtaining funds to build a social science microcomputer lab at OCU. I am also proficient with mainframe and remote data analysis and have taught a graduate course on cyber security for two years for the University of Maryland and served as a new faculty mentor. I also taught a course on Computer Crime at Oklahoma City University... I am also proficient with most major online computer systems used for online instruction


  • I made an executive presentation to the Department of Corrections Upper Management on Corrections in Oklahoma and Management September 11th2013
  • I delivered the Key Note Address at Oklahoma State Corrections Association Norman October 2011
  • I organized a briefing on Human Trafficking with the FBI OSBI and OKCPD for Baroness Nicholson in June 2011. We have since emailed each other about human trafficking.
  • I worked with the FBI to form a working group of Energy Executives with the FBI and Infragard organized to protect vital infrastructures. MAY 2011
  • I organized the visit of Dr. Flynn director of the United States Policy Center who gave a speech on resilience and terrorism  May 2011
  • I serve as the state secretary of the Oklahoma AAUP Conference.
  • I made a presentation on Academic Freedom at the AAUP state meeting
  • I have been asked to serve on the board of Infragard this year. This is an organization dedicated to the security of the United States Infrastructure

My contributions in this area are diverse. I have attempted to be a good campus citizen and willingly serve on committees and project within the department. At the 2011 spring trustee meeting I was honored by President Henry to be presented to the trustees of Oklahoma City University as one the university’s top faculty members

  • Disciplinary Committee OCU
  • Curriculum CommitteeOCU
  • Group leader for OCU Reads.
  • Departmental representative for Department Preview Days.
  • Addiction studies search committee
  • Board Member of the Addiction Studies Program.
  • Faculty Mentoring program.
  • STARS 101.
  • Committee on the development of the non-profit graduate program.
  • Peer reviewer and conducted teaching visits for tenure decisions.
  • D2L Trainer
  • Departmental advisor for the Honor Society / Criminology Club
  • Oklahoma Young Men’s club formed in 1935, as an adjunct club to the Oklahoma City Jaycees.


Music: I play five instruments and have played guitar with a local band that was voted band of the year by the Oklahoma country music association in 2002. We were also voted Band of the Year in the European Market by New Artist Radio. Our Cd is on sale at the Red-Dirt Emporium as a representation of Oklahoma’s Original Music. We back up or open for national touring acts such as Lone Star and Ricochet and play large corporate events and festivals but still find time to play for numerous charity events.


In 2017 I performed at a charity event in Clovis New Mexico hosted by the United Women Dairy Farmers to raise money to donate milk to under served school children.

In 2017 I donated 1800 books to the Friends of the Library fund at the Oklahoma City Public Library. I have also made significant donations to the Salvation Army this year. I donate my time and play for charity events each year. One of these has become a yearly fundraiser to repair the crumbling infrastructure at the Governor’s Estate.

 Wichita Kansas I 2017 performed at a charity for children that use Horses for Rehab. Another involved the help of Blake Sheldon and Melissa Lambert and raised over $150,000 for cancer research. I performed at the Cattle Barons ball twice to raise money for the American cancer society. Other recent events include,

  1. I volunteered to be part of an auction package for the ball in 2014.
  2. Concert and Fire Works July 2015 Mustang Fire Department Fundraiser raised $7000 for equipment.
  3. Friends of the Governors Mansion annual benefit 2010 through 2018
  4. Blanchard Oklahoma Community Fund Raiser. 2015

Youth Coach Ihave written and published a book entitled Surviving Youth Sports, McGraw Hill, which is used in my course Sports in American Society. I am also completing another book on coaching a basketball All American. I coached youth sports year round for ten years.

I have attended numerous clinics and coaching schools. I am a certified soccer coach in the state of Oklahoma and hold the national D license. I have also attended the US National Soccer Coaching School.Youth teams I coached won indoor and outdoor soccer city championships 14 times, a state silver medal, the Regional Power Aide Gold medal and seven local club championships.

 I also coached basketball, including the 1996 Oklahoma State AAU champions, who were ranked seventh in the nation. In 1996, and again in 1997, I coached the Oklahoma Street Basketball Champions in the Banc First Oklahoma Street ball tournament. Scores of my former players have gone on to play in high school, college and a few have played professionally. One was a first round draft choice by the NBA by the Boston Celtics.

 Hobbies:  I live on a golf course and play when I can. I also enjoy swimming and water sports and spend time in the Caribbean in the summer at a family owned condo. I enjoy music and play guitar and write and record original music. My wife and I are season ticket holders for Thunder Basketball and attend games when we can.

I have dedicated my adult life to helping others and the pursuit of knowledge. That is the reason I have chosen a career at a university. I believe that we are both teachers and students forever. My greatest pleasure is to develop value that lies dormant in people and things that others may have overlooked. I love working with students and unraveling complex problems using the sociological imagination.  I do not think it is possible to accomplish everything that we would like to accomplish in one lifetime.  Facing the possibility that so many things will be left undone I believe it is critical that we take our tasks to heart and apply our hearts to our tasks.

 For further Information:

Dr. Howard A. Kurtz

Southwester Oklahoma State University

Sociology and Criminal Justice

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