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Dr. Kurtz has over thirty years’ experience consulting with the local ,national and international media. He has been interviewed by  the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and state and national publications. Most academics have been interviewed a few times in their careers but he has been interviewed over 200 times by print and television outlets .

He is a graduate of the University of North Texas, the same school that gave us Dr. Phil. He has taught as an adjunct and full professor at some of the country top universities. He is currently an Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at SWOSU.

In addition to his university work Dr. Kurtz is a consultant for the National Institute of Justice, Homeland Security, The US Department of Education , The American Council on Education, The National Science Foundation, The Justice Department, The US Office of Justice Programs and numerous private corporations and government agencies.  

Presentations on Crime and Social Issues.

Dr. Kurtz is an excellent key note speaker. He has delivered academic presentations around the globe and has been a  speaker at the National Institute of Justice and many State and local Agencies . He has received funding to study Electronic Monitoring, Prison Escapes, and  Victims Services and to flow chart the Criminal Justice System . Professor Kurtz has developed international programs with the Republic of China and Malaysia, as well as domestic programs with the U.S. Military and General Motors.

He established courses on international systems of justice in Germany, The Republic of China and Great Britain that explore comparative issues in criminal justice systems The Program Committee for the 2012 ASA Annual Meeting invited him to develop and present a Teaching Workshop titled Teaching Sociology through Utopias. He continues to present his research findings at national academic conferences and has recently signed a contract to produce a text book for one of his university classes.

 His areas of expertise include; criminology, research methods, terrorism, cyber-crime, juvenile delinquency, deviance, law enforcement, corrections and social issues. 

         Examples : http://www.pinterest.com/budkurtz/crime-interviews-and-social-issues/

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